Our Story


Love Byond rings are a testimony to craftsmanship that has evolved over centuries.Pains takingly forged from raw pieces of the most precious alloys, these most sacred symbols of fidelity and love are seamless (no solder joints, no breaks) fusions ofperfection and art.

With its stylistic design and simplistic form, each jewel is a ‘contemporary classic’ having a timeless quality while also an undeniable modernity.

The mathematically derived squircle template is engineered for precise curvatures, to nestle perfectly on your finger enhanced by the comfort fit of finely chamfered inner edges and smooth inner polish.


The eternal love of a circle, secured within the solidarity of a square – eternalizes a love that embodies endlessness and stability.

Although distinctly different the square and circle are part of the same whole. To Love Byond is to experience this harmony; of individuality and harmony. You are together not to complete one another, but to complement one another.


A black diamond set discreetly on every ring emulates a tradition of the East that appreciates imperfection. The little black dot is the flaw in an otherwise flawless ring reminding us, every moment, to celebrate the vagaries of everyday life and embrace our short comings. Love Byond is to find perfect love in imperfect relationships.


Unconventional, fluid, beautiful, the Love Byond logo subtly incorporates the elements of ‘L’ and ‘B’ in natural, earthy tones. The Love Byond logo is specifically crafted to be clean, uncomplicated and comforting, just like your love. The beautiful coming together of hearts in a love that recognizes neither gender nor ethnicity is perfectly represented in the design.