The Designer

'With love, there are no rules. The heart decides and what it decides is all that really matters’. - Paulo Coelho

For jewelry designer Soigne Kothari, love is love. There can be no rules or regulations with matters of the heart. This deep belief is the raison dêtre for her designing the Love Byond rings.

An international fashion designer of repute with her own namesake line, ‘Soigne K’, her design style has always been hailed as tasteful luxury; her work being significant without being showy, with attention to subtleties and form.

Love Byond is the expression of her understanding of love. She believes that every union, commitment, partnership, marriage is sacred and special. Her desire that love which is beyond dreams, beyond reason and against all odds, deserves to be celebrated with rings that are beautiful, relevant and deeply symbolic.

Love Byond is born from her desire to eternalize love into breathtakingly unique wearables, that transcends the beauties of cultures and celebrates the union of souls.

She has studied at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Diamond at the Gemmological Institute of America and has spent significant time on the work floor.

Soigne realized the value of craftsmanship, dedication to quality and detailing. She infuses life in minimalist lines resulting in there being an almost transcendent quality to the collection.

Each ring is born of master craftsmanship and conflict-free diamonds. After all these symbols of love must be born of love too.