The Process


Expressing the inexpressible is art. Every Love Byond ring, bears testimony to love and eternalizes its profound emotions into precious metal and brilliant diamonds. Each collection distinct in its translation, is designed to use quality materials and sophisticated shapes, challenging the artisan to deliver unsurpassed expertise. The power of passion is crafted into perfectly formed ambassadors of the couple’s love for each other. These are wearable true love stories.


A beautiful design needs a mixture of engineering, expertise, and execution to bring an idea to life. Three generations of legacy and master artisans who have worked their whole lives creating fine quality jewelry bear testimony to stellar craftsmanship that has evolved over decades.

Handmade stands in complete harmony with innovative high-tech, exemplary workmanship balances with precision giving rise to rings that are crafted individually, with obsessive attention to detail.

Each ring is the work of a virtuoso ensemble of many different experts, all masters of their craft: jewellery designers, goldsmiths, technicians, gemologists and diamond experts, jewel setters and polishers, who together have just one aim: to create uniquely individual, distinctive rings that touch and enthrall the couple.

The processes involved in how we manufacture our precious metal rings can be found below. Step inside the world of our artisans and watch the craft of making heirlooms


It all begins with the precious metals platinum, gold, silver and palladium in their purest form. The components needed for manufacturing are weighed in an exact mixture ratio using precision scales and amalgamated in a modern induction plant into homogeneous alloys in the form of continuous cast sheets. Love Byond uses its own recipes for its alloy compositions that are made entirely in house. These have been refined over the decades for the very specialised production of it’s extremely high quality rings. Love Byond rings are forged out of nickel-free precious metals of the highest hardness. Our alloys are melted in a temperature and atmospherically controlled environment, which ensures the consistent quality of Love Byond metal and guarantee supreme wearer comfort.


Many manufacturers use a cheaper but much inferior method in making wedding rings, cutting them from extruded tubing. Love Byond rings however, are cut out of solid precious metals. This is qualitatively the very best way to make love bands.

A rolling press machine is used to roll the bar of chosen alloy into sheet. The pressure applied, when rolling, ensures a high degree of compression of the material. It changes the grain structure of the metal and increases its strength, also giving the ring the very finest finish and very best wearing qualities.

These compressed sheet alloys are subsequently placed into a blanking press which stamps seamless ‘ring blanks’ out of the sheet using high pressure in precisely tuned operations.


Many models of the “Love Byond” collection consist of bicoloured or multicoloured rings or of different alloys. In order to join these to each other permanently and inseparably, the ring blanks are sintered under vacuum in special systems; alloys are not simply soldered, but joined together utterly seamlessly and pore-free in an elaborate process. The material is compressed in all directions through several exacting production steps. This process is vital in order to maximise the hardening of the rings, so that they can then be processed as a homogeneous material, ensuring endurance and a perfect finish,

We have just created the essence of a seamlessly and eternally strong Love Byond ring.


This step produces the almost finished ring with the perfect dimensions from what started out as an unprepossessing ring blank. A series of processes, by specialists on hand-operate or CNC controlled precision turning lathes and milling machines, are used to manufacture the outer and inner radii to perfectly engineered, proprietary calculations of the signature Love Byond ‘squircle’ form. It is also now rolled and turned to the exact ring finger size.


The outside profile and the inside of the ring gets an extremely accurate lathe turning, finessing the outside and inside of the ring to very specific degrees of comfort. High quality precision engineering ensures the new ring has precisely even sides and parallel edges. Love Byond rings don't just look amazing, they really fit.


For all Love Byond's unique ring designs, a manual lathe is used to turn the ring's outside profile. Amongst other things, the mounts for the stones are prepared at this stage, and waves or lines milled.


The diamonds we use come exclusively from conflict-free sources. Before setting, every diamond is individually scrutinised by highly qualified experts in terms of the quality criteria, the 4Cs. Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut have to satisfy our company’s exacting standards.

All diamonds are hand-set manually by superbly skilled trained gemstone setters with the help of a binocular zoom microscope. The combination of perfect creation and perfect setting is manifested by a spectacularly beautiful Love Byond ring.


The Love Byond hallmark. You'll find our internationally protected company mark on the inside of every one of our rings. It's the stamp of quality, and your guarantee for a lifetime. The carat stamp comes next, ensuring you are wearing a Love Byond ring of the finest metal in the country.


After being set, the rings are sent for finishing. Under the eyes of our professional jewelers, each and every Love Byond ring is now hand polished/buffed; on the inside, outside and sides. The slightest imperfection is removed, using several grinding and polishing procedures, thereby accentuating the precious metal's natural luster. If a ring requires a particular finish (e.g. satin), then it’s at this stage that it will be applied.


Now is the stage for personalization. This is as individual as the happy couple itself. Almost everything is possible - from engraving the date to personal handwriting, from special symbols of love to the unmistakable fingerprint. The engraving is precisely incised on the inside or the outside of the ring, as one may choose, by means of sophisticated laser engraving machines to produce very high quality deep engravings.


Immersed in an ultra-sonic machine, the ring emerges with any polishing residues removed, by the help of sound waves.


The last step involves putting all our rings through a final quality inspection. Sharp eyes check over all the details one more time. Aspects such as the ring width, size, height, number of stones, engraving are inspected with total precision. Following a positive check, we issue a certificate. This gives you the certainty that you are holding an original of the “Love Byond”.

The almost fanatical final control guarantees that every single ring not only meets the customer’s requirements, but also our own very high standards.


Each Love Byond ring is an individual masterpiece thanks to the perfect interaction of various experts and masters of their trade: jewellery designers, goldsmiths and platinumsmiths, technicians, gemstone setters and the workers in the grinding shop. They all want just one thing: to create individual and unmistakeable dream wedding rings that move and thrill the loving couple.